Ole Spata (Germany)

Ole Spata (*1992) is a freelance photographer based in Hanover. He worked as a photojournalist at the dpa (German Press Agency) in Berlin and studied photojournalism and documentary photography at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover. He works in the fields of editorial, landscape and documentary photography. Ole worked in various countries all over Europe. He divides his time between client work and personal projects. He has worked among others with dpa, Financial Times, Porsche, Continental and SPD. His works have been published and exhibited internationally. He welcomes assignments local and overseas.

Since 2015 I have been photographing with Fujifilm, only as a supplement when traveling. After photographing an international violin competition for 6 weeks where silent cameras were indispensable, I decided to switch to Fujifilm completely. Above all, the X-T series is perfect for my work as a photojournalist and reportage photographer thanks to its compact size, the many manual settings and the silent shutter.

Ole Spata (Germany)Gibraltar
Ole Spata (Germany)
Ole Spata (Germany)Corona
Ole Spata (Germany)
Ole Spata (Germany)Land of God
Ole Spata (Germany)
Land of God
Ole Spata (Germany)Iceland
Ole Spata (Germany)
Ole Spata (Germany)Howrah Bridge
Ole Spata (Germany)
Howrah Bridge
Ole Spata (Germany)Berlin Wall
Ole Spata (Germany)
Berlin Wall

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