Michael Tumarkin (Israel)

I was born in Ukraine in 1993 and came to Israel with my family in 1997. I had always been artistic person and had passion for photography.
Me and my family documented their life from the very beginning as my father captured every step of their lives since they came to Israel. That’s the reason why photography came to me so naturally, it became my biggest hobby and later it turned into a well established business.
I spent my whole childhood learning taking photos and editing through a journey of trial and error. Eventually, my natural talent took me to interesting places.
I started my career as nightlife photographer and moved on to wedding documentary and people photography

Over the years I realized my passion for light, capturing emotions and creating a new perspective for those people whom I portraits in my art pieces. My vision is that every person could see himself for the unique and beautiful human being he/she is , the way as I see them through the lens.