Michael Magulski (Germany)

Michael Magulski – what is he really like? Finding oneself may actually be a very winding road. If you enter my name into a Google search, you will first find Husum, Germany (where I was born in 1974). Next you will find out about my apprenticeship as a photographer and ultimately your research will take you to the island of Sylt.
After the traditional photographer’s apprenticeship under Günter Knechties and at the Photography School in Kiel, which can only be described as “extremely strict” in the best sense of the term, I took a detour to the Northwest: In 2003, I moved to Sylt, got my secondary education as a Personal Trainer and with it in my bag of tricks, I built up a colorful, eccentric and very likeable customer roster. I motivated mobile islanders to move more and for an entire season tortured the “Superstars” on RTL. I even landed bookings all over Germany and around the globe.
However, it is impossible to escape one’s own nature. At some point I realized that what I was so passionate about when facilitating training sessions for my clientele was the exact same thing that had brought me into the world of photography: my special view of people, my sensitivity for the unique – the individual traits we all have inside of us. My desire to not only accompany personalities, but to also create portraits of them and to record events and experiences emotionally, stylishly and most importantly, with sensitivity, grew stronger day after day.


I have always been a Canon user – even back when I completed my apprenticeship as a photographer. At photography school they nicknamed me EOS – a name that says it all as far as my great passion and affinity for this brand is concerned.
More than 22 years have passed since then and nothing changed, actually, until November 2015. To be specific, everything changed that day when I first held the X-Pro2 in my hands. That’s when it was over for me. I sold all of my Canon equipment and switched to Fujifilm. It was the best decision I made in recent years.
I worked with the X-Pro2 when I created the coffee table book “Kitchen Gods by Michael Magulski SYLT EDITON,” It was simply perfect for this book project – small, handy and perfect image results. 


  • X-Pro2
  • XF23mmF1.4 R
  • XF56mmF1.2 R