Max De Martino (Italy)

Max De Martino is a photographer of events, portraits and weddings.
His clients include companies such as Chanel, AirBnB Beyond, Luxury Retreats and Vodafone.
He has always been involved in technical and creative training. For this reason, as well as being a Fujifilm X-Photographer, he is an ambassador for several companies in the photographic sector, such as SanDisk, Cactus and AlbumEpoca, as well as being the Italian trainer of Profoto.
Being curious and interested in technological innovations, he takes a train, an airplane or his old motorcycle and travels whenever he can. He has visited over thirty countries and in June 2008, he was the first Western photographer to exhibit a solo exhibition in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. For him, photography was a clear choice: to be a photographer he quit a job as sales manager in a company that had a turnover of 100 million euro a year.

I initially chose Fujifilm because of its portability, with the first X100. Then I noticed that besides being a small and light system, it enabled me to obtain a very high quality, also thanks to the Fujinon optics, really insurmountable. Today my kit consists of two X-T2, a GFX50S and an infrared X-T1 IR, plus a significant number of optics, to be able to perform each job with the most suitable tool.


Fujifilm’s cameras was the best choice to move in Prypiat and Chernobyl without the hassle of a bigger DSLR body and lenses, but with great quality. The picture here were shot with a Fuji X-E2 and lenses that fits all in a small bag: XF14mmF2.8, XF18-55mmF2.8-4, XF35mm, XF50-200mm


  • GFX 50S
  • X-Pro2
  • X-T2
  • X-T1
  • X30
  • GF23mmF4 R LM WR
  • GF110mmF2 R LM WR
  • XF16mmF1.4 R WR
  • XF35mmF1.4 R
  • XF35mmF2 R WR
  • XF56mmF1.2 R
  • XF10-24mmF4 R OIS
  • XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
  • XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR
  • XF1.4X TC WR