Leong Ka Tai (Hong Kong)

Leong Ka Tai has been a professional photographer for almost 40 years. He studied engineering in the USA and worked in England, but later decided to pursue photography in Paris instead.
Returning to Hong Kong, he subsequently combined photography with extensive travel, especially in China in the 1980's.
His photographs have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Europe, the USA and South-East Asia. They have been published in 22 books and numerous magazines, notably National Geographic, GEO, Stern, Life, the New York Times, the Sunday Telegraph and Paris Match, winning various local and international awards.


I started my career as a photographer with a beaten-up Leica and 35mm lens. Since then I have used many cameras of different formats. In October 2013, I embarked on a 5 months long trip and decided to go back to basics, carrying only an X100S. I enjoyed concentrating on the image and the moment instead of being distracted by changing lenses and zooming in and out.  Shown are some images of Cuba. These photographs form part of my exhibition “Over The Ocean, On The Road” 2016.