Kunal Kelkar (India)

Kunal Kelkar is one of India’s leading automotive photographers and is the co-founder of a creative house, “The Autofocus.”

The Autofocus specializes in creating unique and appealing content for the automotive industry. He has been carving his way through the automotive industry by creating photo and video content that is unmatched even at global levels.

After switching his world from molecular and cell biology, Kunal went after his two passions, photography and cars. Kunal works with a wide array of clients, not just locally but internationally too. His list includes brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rimac Automobili, Zenvo Automotive and many more. Kunal stands by Sir William Lyons quote that, “The automobile is the closest thing we will create to something that is alive,” and that the effort that man puts in to create this masterpiece of engineering should be celebrated by showcasing the beautiful design in the most unique way possible.

His style can be defined as “Refined Reality,” where he does use some post production to enhance the reality of the images captured. His work takes him all over the world, capturing automobiles in various locations.

Most of Kunal’s work is for the commercial space, images are used in campaign commercials for print and digital promotions.


What the GFX does is takes that Medium Format precision and detail and combines it with a full frame’s relatively easy to use and carry model making it an extremely precise on the go tool.

This makes the GFX a game changer when it comes to creating handheld images. Shooting cars in a location usually means spending the short times during the good light to capture the maximum number of images. That implies scurrying around the car for the most appropriate angles as the light is fading and using a tripod is not always convenient. I’m the kind of guy that would only use a tripod when absolutely necessary or if I know I am going to be doing some serious compositing. With the GFX’s perfectly usable low light images, shooting at 3200 or 4000 ISO makes photography with a medium format on the move extremely easy and enjoyable.

The 32-64 glass is a great focal length for daily use and the compression provided by the 110 makes any subject look grand.

The sensor on the GFX is brimming with detail and the color rendition from the camera makes images seem very close to the reality of the situation being captured.


  • GFX 50S
  • GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR