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Klaus Bo (Denmark)

Size matters I recently began shooting with Fuji cameras starting out with a Fuji X100S in 2013 to test image quality and how to work with the Fuji system. Sick and tired of carrying my heavy DSLRs when travelling I have always been looking for a smaller system. After testing the X100S on two trips to Nepal, I recently jumped on the X-T1, which so far haven't been disappointing in any way. I have been a professional photographer for the past 16-17 years and basically I always photograph people. I have been working around the world with different NGO's, magazines and newspapers and at the same time I have always been doing my own projects that I occassionally exhibit here in Denmark. Most images shown here is from different rituals in Nepal ecxept from two images from a recent trip to Irak to document the on going refugee crisis in the Middle East. There is also a single image of a Danish TV host shot on the X100S with external flash.