Kirth Bobb (USA)

I believe that the world around me is spectacular, and it’s not just the big things like the oceans, dramatic sunsets or any of The Seven Wonders. But it’s also the things that would ordinarily be considered boring or mundane. Life’s subtle gestures, the synchronicity and asynchronicity of reality, and light’s infinitive nature. These are the things that thrill me. My photography is an examination of these things, and furthermore, my photographs are an examination of self. 


  • GFX100S
  • X-T4
  • GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR
  • GF80mmF1.7 R WR
  • GF110mmF2 R LM WR
  • XF23mmF1.4 R
  • XF50mmF1.0 R WR
  • XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR