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John Rourke (UK)

John Rourke is an international full time professional photographer who runs Adrenal Media, the Official Photographic Sports Agency for world renowned endurance races such as the FIA World Endurance Championships, the famous 24 hours of Le Mans and the European Le Mans Series. John’s team of photographers make up a versatile team of image makers that travel the world shooting extreme subjects, from fast cars to power boats and kite surfers.
John also shoots fashion, lifestyle, and luxury branding with models, magazine editorials, general photo commissions, and even a little design and video work under John Rourke Creative Ltd.
In addition to his multiple media companies, John runs one-to-one and limited group workshops on General Photography, Workflow, Editing, Pet Photography, and Motorsports.
Always one to keep creating, he also has a personal street photography project called Motion which is about the human emotion and street imagery, the flow of people, the faces, and the everyday ebb of life.
John grew up watching his mother draw and paint, so it’s in his DNA to be an artist. If he is not shooting, you’ll find him drawing or making something. John won’t leave the house without at least one camera, a sketchbook and a pocket full of pens! Or more frequently an iPad Pro and the pencil.
John finds Inspiration in the great landscapes, fashion, urban decay and the natural world, classic artists Turner, Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Leonardo, and the modern photography greats such as Bailey, Bresson, Adams, Capa and so many more! You can find elements of these and more in his often cinematic style of imagery. Whatever the brief is, it’s Johns mission to capture arty, atmospheric, gritty, textured stills or slices of action from a moment of time.
 “I want people to witness an image I make like its alive, for them to taste, feel, and smell the moment…I want the viewer to be wrapped up in the images, to feel the passion the energy, like they just experienced a living moment themselves…”
John Rourke