Jacques Borgetto (France)

Jacques Borgetto was born in Paris
He became passionate about photography from a very young age, carrying his Rolleiflex camera everywhere on his travels.
After studying photography he became an assistant while pursuing his own artistic work.
He was selected by the “Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Aries” and participated in the Young Photographers exhibition together with Bernard Plossu and Bernard Descamps.
He has held exhibitions at the Musée Réatu du Mans, tha Maison de la Culture de Sens in Aiz-en-Provence, and in various art galleries.
He published a book on photography entitled “I’Homme et I’Olivier” in 1984.
His photographs can be found in the collections of the Bibliothéque Nationale and the Musée Réatudu Mans.
In 1986 he moved to the South of France with his family and worked for the local General Councils and ran photography workshops for children.
In 2002 he returned to live in Paris. He then travelled around Europe and South America, especially in Argentina and Chile.
He is currently working on a project concerning nomadic settlements in the high plateaus of China and Tibet.
Since 2006, he’s back in Paris.
Various exhibitions :
Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme, Festival international du film sud américain à Biarritz
Sélection officielle du Mois de la Photo à Paris
Paris Photo 
Rencontre Internationales d’Arles, 60 ans de Picto
Nature Humaine à Leblanc 
Résidence au château de Maison Laffite « Terres foulées »
Nuits photographiques de Pierrevert
Galerie Françoise Paviot
Espace photographique de l’Hôtel de Sauroy
He wrote 3 books thru Filigranes editions
– L’autre versant du Monde
– Nous avons fait un très beau voyage
– Terres foulées.
Magazine Portfolio :
De L’air
Photographies nouvelles
Réponse photo