Ilyass Triba (Morocco)

Photographer and videographer, Ilyass Triba was born in 1980 in Meknes. After high school, he studied international business and communication in Rabat then Boston, to end up leaving between Casablanca & Dubai.
Since his youngest, he had a passion for the photography. And despite his busy schedule, he always managed to find time for this hobby. As an autodidact photographer, his intuition, sharped glance and artistic sensitivity helped him to take it from a hobby to vocation and a profession.
During a humanitarian action involving cataract operations free of charge in areas of southern Morocco, incidental scenes roused the artist in him "... They wandered in the dark, looking lost..." "no words describe that look in their eyes ...that look on their faces ..." were his own words. He made then his first exhibition "Sight" in 2012 at the foundation Dar Bellarj in Marrakech.
That was the beginning of list of exhibitions dedicated to social and humanitarian actions:
- 2013: Exhibition « 5 mm darkness & sight » Marrakech, Morocco
- 2013: Exhibition « Moroccan Gleam » Tours, France
- 2015: Exhibition « Portraid » with the German photographer Thomas Rusch at the Moroccan embassy in Berlin- Germany
- 2015: Documentary film « I see, You see »
Now in day, he is the founder of the first centre dedicated to photographic training in Morocco. Created in October 2013, " Photo Academy " reflects the real motivation of Ilyass to transmit his knowledge, expertise and experience to enthusiastic people wishing to learn, improve their photographer skills and looking for a professional support.


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