Guillaume Flandre (France)

As I started to travel, I decided to bring a point-and-shoot camera with me, as a way to bring back memories of the visited countries.
The more I used the camera, the more I began to have fun with it, to play with all the settings and even to edit my photos and to take more interesting pictures than just the classic touristy ones.
I also started to hang out more and more with people with a passion for photography, who owned more complex cameras (a reflex camera was something out of this world to me then).
But things started to become more serious when I was living in New York City. I was working and living with photography fans. That’s when I bought my first entry-level reflex camera (that I kept 5 years) and
I started to learn how to use it and perfect my photo skills. And this amazing city was the perfect model.
Since then I take pictures every single day, it became something natural and that I can’t live without.
More recently I stepped up my game and started to share my pictures more widely, and got published by prestigious online magazines like National Geographic or even having my pictures shown during several exhibitions in France.
In November 2014, I won the FUJIFILM “Talents Nomades” photo competition, which is one of the hardest contest I entered. I got to meet awesome people and try a lot of different FUJIFILM cameras.
I still mainly take pictures of my travels and try my best to show the world the places I go to through my eyes. But I’m interested in all the styles photography, from still life to fashion to street photography, and I intend to try it all.


I was lucky enough to be able to use several FUJIFILM cameras during the “Talents Nomades” photo competition.
That being said, I now mainly use a X-T1 Graphite Silver edition camera with a XF56mmF1.2 lens which does wonders for portrait photography.
I recently tried and loved the XF10-24mm lens during a trip to Japan. It was perfect to capture the business and vastness of a big city such as Tokyo.
As someone who travels quite a bit, switching to the Fujifilm X series allowed me to bring less gear with me and most importantly saved me from a lot of back pain carrying a bigger and heavier camera
like I used to do.
Street photography was also made way easier thanks to the completely silent electronic shutter and the tilting screen.


  • X-T1
  • XF56mmF1.2 R
  • XF10-24mmF4 R OIS