Craig Bullock (New Zealand)

Craig Bullock admits he is a self-confessed Dogaholic and Crazy Cat Daddy. He’s been living his dream of being a professional Pet Photographer since 2001, where he started his business on the Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands where he grew up. In 2009 he moved to Christchurch, New Zealand and Furtography was born. Since then he’s written and photographed three best-selling books. Quake Dogs and Quake Cats tell the stories of what animals went through during the devastating Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010/11 which have raised $30,000NZ for charities who cared for the displaced pets. His third book, A Dog’s Life is all about the amazing dogs living life with their people all around New Zealand.

Craig has been fortunate enough to photograph dogs all around the world, New York, Paris, London, Sydney, Barcelona and Costa Rica to mention a few. He has a list of places as long as his arm he wants to visit and photograph dog’s. At the top of that list is under the Aurora Borealis somewhere in Iceland!

Most of his work is private commissions of people’s own ‘furbabies’, He’s also worked with some amazing commercial clients and loves teaching Dog Photography Workshops, which he’s done in Christchurch.

“I’ve been using X Series cameras since 2014 when I had an X100 to shoot behind the scenes images while working on my second book. Since then I used and X-T1 and am now using the GFX. I am blown away by the image quality the GFX can produce and I love the tactile design of the X Series gear.”

Craig Bullock (New Zealand)Dogs Around the World
Craig Bullock (New Zealand)
Dogs Around the World
Craig Bullock (New Zealand)Pet Portrait
Craig Bullock (New Zealand)
Pet Portrait

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