Christoph Busse (Germany)

Christoph Busse’s interest in photography was not triggered until he was a young man and began to work for the local newspaper. After this stint, he studied journalism and was truly infected by the photography virus – and it has had him under its spell ever since.

Even before he graduated, he knew that he had to build a future career as a photographer. Initially, he worked for regional dailies as a photo journalist; later he accepted commissions from magazines and agencies. Numerous cover photos and double pages in numerous German media publications document his progress. Over time, his interest shifted away from the daily news coverage to more complex assignments. He received commissions from PR and advertising agencies as well as many corporate clients, including the German Railway System, Siemens, BMW, DHL and various energy conglomerates.

His focus is on meaningful portraits and enthralling insights into the world of industry and business. Nevertheless, it is important to him to reach beyond those horizons time and again and to go forward on the path less traveled. The subject matter does not matter – the clarity and focus of his motifs are always in evidence. Focusing on what’s important has become his vision and mission.

Currently, he is observing the hands’ of pianists as they move along the keys from a bird’s eye view. This exciting project is called “MEISTERFINGER” (The Masters’ Fingers) and is slated to eventually result in the publication of a book. Christoph Busse is the father of twins. He resides in Leipzig, Germany and his eyes travel the world from there.

When the launch of the GFX was announced in 2016, I was instantly fascinated. The idea of a mirrorless camera while it is also comparably compact, which guarantees sharpness and brilliant results even in difficult light conditions – one that makes it possible to work differently – at decelerated speeds – all of that encouraged me to live the dream of working with a medium format camera after all.

After a few test rounds with the GFX, I immersed myself into this new cosmos and I don’t plan to ever leave it again! I can finally keep the camera in front of my eyes, look at the photo before and after I take it. I have concise control. I have the option to use the viewfinder with the tilt adapter to change my working position. The tilting display and of course the attractive price make working with this equipment a lot of fun for me – again. Thanks to its WLAN function, I can also use this camera for my pianists’ project and remote control it via iPad.

Christoph Busse (Germany)Precious Project
Christoph Busse (Germany)
Precious Project
Christoph Busse (Germany)GFX 50S
Christoph Busse (Germany)
Christoph Busse (Germany)Meisterfinger
Christoph Busse (Germany)

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