Charlene Winfred (Denmark)

I make a lot of pictures from planes, trains and automobiles, the byproduct of a life in perpetual transit.

I was born and raised in Singapore, and lived a decade and a half Australia. In 2013, I decided I had enough of a fixed address, sold everything I couldn’t carry with me, and began life as a nomad. I grew up inbetweener – culture, ethnicity and nation – without managing to inhabit one side fully for any amount of time. Accordingly, I am fascinated with how identity changes constantly, and affects our perspective of the spaces that we live in, move through, borrow, and own during our lives.

My still photo commissions include live event and portraiture, and video commissions include promotional and documentary films.

I use FUJIFILM X Series cameras and lenses exclusively for both still and video work. 

Charlene Winfred (Denmark)Botanicals
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)Events
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)Landscapes
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)People
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)Street
Charlene Winfred (Denmark)

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