Alain Zimeray (France)

Alain Zimeray is an artist and a photographer, born in 1954. Since his childhood, Alain Zimeray is living in the mood of contemporary art. Teenager, while studying sciences, he became an enthusiast photographer. He learned a lot near great masters like Georges TOURDJMAN, Alain GUILLOU, Daniel VIGNANT and has perfected his technique and his view. Now, he works on the body expression and women, the portraits and the sea. These themes were illustrated by his two books “The Ladies of the Sea ” and ” Sentinel of the seas” and many exhibitions he participated, alone or collectively.
Since few years, Alain Zimeray produced, as freelance, some reportages on the French Navy and sea races sold by Sipa Press. Alain Zimeray practice also the street photography in places he is fond of, Venice in particular. His works are recognizable through the quest for a subtle sensuality they hold, whatever the topic. Alain Zimeray lives and works in Paris.


French photographer living in Paris, I produce many reportages and street photographies, where the ladies presence and water are very important .
Thus, I often go to Venice, a city that inspires me so much for its architectural beauty and its contents, as its population (Venetian and tourists). There is always an exceptionnal atmosphere.
When Fujifilm has introduced the X-Pro1, I was immediately interested by that camera… I had before the experience of cameras with telemeter, especially the X -PAN HASSELBLAD, manufactured by Fujifilm, (from them I could appreciate the superb quality of both the body and its lens).
The X-Pro1 JPEG quality is so good that I always work in RAW + JPEG fine, and then I make some minor corrections with Adobe Lightroom.
Usually, I work with a wide-angle lens (14mm to 23mm), and I appreciate the quality and reproduction, even in low light of the X – Pro1 + Fujinon lenses.
The system X-T1, XF23mm/f1.4 and XF55 -200mm zoom gives me more arguments to leave the DSLR cameras, heavy and bulky! That makes only a week that I work with the X-T1 and the first results are excellent. I am waiting for the 56mm f1.2…


  • XF14mmF2.8 R
  • XF18mmF2 R
  • XF35mmF1.4 R
  • XF60mmF2.4 R Macro