Aggelos Barai (Greece)

Aggelos Barai is a young, upcoming photographer based in Athens. He is specialized in photojournalism and documentary photography. Barai was born in Albania, but he did not have the chance to get to know his natal country, as he migrated at a very young age with his family to Greece . His interests focus mainly on political and social issues, as his work focuses on immigration, the impact of the economic crisis on Greek society and on his country of birth, Albania. In his first professional photographic steps, he had worked as an

assistant to major Greek photographers, as well as to national and international Non Governmental Organizations (NGO), with some of whom he is still cooperating. He has also photographed many collectives, actions and group initiatives to highlight their work and their involvement in the social public sphere. Today he works as an independent photojournalist (freelancer) for online media, newspapers and magazines as well as for news agencies in Greece and abroad.

Aggelos Barai (Greece)Various images (Ducumentary)
Aggelos Barai (Greece)
Various images (Ducumentary)
Aggelos Barai (Greece)New personal Project ‘Albanians 90’s’
Aggelos Barai (Greece)
New personal Project ‘Albanians 90’s’
Aggelos Barai (Greece)Elliniko refugee camp 2016 (Ducumentary)
Aggelos Barai (Greece)
Elliniko refugee camp 2016 (Ducumentary)
Aggelos Barai (Greece)Sikhi Greece (Reportage)
Aggelos Barai (Greece)
Sikhi Greece (Reportage)

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