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An Update on Our Calls for Collaboration

Keeping Our Promise to Act Quickly

About two weeks ago, we recognized that we could do more when it came to how we collaborated with image-makers, to be more representative of our community. To address the topic quickly and directly, we created a process in which we asked for members of those communities to submit requests for collaboration. To handle the requests, we dedicated 5 members of our team to evaluating and reviewing each submission to make sure they got the attention they deserved.

On June 13, 2020, we updated everyone that submitted a request and posted an update on the submission form to indicate that we would select five individuals from these submissions and begin a process of collaboration with them.

Today, we are happy to say that we have made our selections from the 100+ submissions that we received and have begun outreach to our selected collaborators to outline the next steps of the process. It is our plan to provide you all with further updates on how those collaborations are moving along. We will also continue to evaluate new and existing submissions to our collaboration form every 6 months to keep this process going. We are truly excited about this next step and grateful for the honor of working with these wonderful image-makers!

Stay tuned for more updates, coming July 1, 2020, on our ongoing actions and plans to keep our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness going.

Victor Q. Ha | Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Management – EID | FUJIFILM North America Corporation

Please meet our newest Fujifilm Collaborators!

Fred Agho | Website | Instagram 

Fred is Houston-based live music and portrait photographer that “grabs inspiration from life experiences”.

Lanna Apisukh | Website | Instagram

Lanna is a portrait and documentary photographer based in New York City. With a background in skateboarding and an extensive athletic career as a former elite gymnast, she is drawn to photographing dynamic individuals walking their own path. Her work explores people and their relationship to place, identity and gender through bold and honest stories she strives to create in her images.

Moyo Oyelola | Website

Moyo is a multimedia creative currently living in Austin, TX who has some beautiful projects with PBS, the Open Chair Community Project, the Tribeza 2018 Driver’s of Style, and Austin Life Magazine

Chinelle Rojas | Website | Instagram

Chinelle is a logo designer, helping small businesses, mostly photographers, create an identity that fits their personality for their business. Designing custom, often hand drawn, logos, Chinelle thinks it’s a pretty fun way to get her creative juices flowing. Plus, it lets her get to regularly work with people around the world, including Great Britain, Australia, and our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada, “eh.” 

Jay Ybarra | Website | Instagram

Jay is an Austin-based photographer that has a broad focus of portraiture, street photography, and life-style imagery. 

We’d also like to thank everyone that submitted requests!

Aaron Georges | Adam Vo | Alan Colter | Alben Osaki | Alexis Ledwell | Andrew Clifton | Anthony Consillio | Antoine Didienne | Arvin TemkarAsha Moné Jackson | Babatunde Ogundiyun | Bill Savitz | Brandon Dahlberg | Brandon Smith | Brian Burrell | Chanel Brown | Charles Arrington | Chris Foley | Christopher Facey | Clay Daly | Clifton Mcwilliams | Colin Murray | Cristian Neacsu | Daniel Robinson | David Kovacs | David Medina | Dawn Hester | Devyesh Devanand | Deyson Rodriguez | Dominick Williams | Doriyan Coleman | Drew Robinson | Dusty Loops | Edward Graham | Emilio Gaziyants | Eric Adeleye | Eric Cisneros | Ferriez Johnson | G Awwad | George Nobechi | Gregory Jefferson | Hannah Nguyen | Henry Shifrin | Henry Danner | Hiram Aceves | Ian Chew | J Aggabao | Jack Cohen | Jacob Francois | James Green | Jann Moscoso | Jason Grinde | Jason Ryan | Jason C Audain | Javier Reyes | Jayda Imanlihen |  Jayrol San Jose | Jd Dillard | Jett Lara | John Branch Iv | John Klobe | Jordon Van Zante | Jorge Porro | Joseluis Franco | Joshua Poyer | Julian Sanchez-Ince | Keith Mumma | Keith Maguire | Keith Betts | Kirill Volodin | Kory Savage | Kristopher Reid | Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin | Kwesi Yanful |  Larry Everage | Lin Tang | Lola Flash | Lotanna Ogbuefi | Louis Francia | Lukas North | Lynn Roylance | Marcus Mitchell | Marlon Caballero | Max Djenohan | Mohammad HamzaNick D’Andria | Nikolas Vasileiou Nikolas | Oku Okoko | Peter Batanov | Phillip Loken | Prajit Ravindran | Quentin Mui | Raj Manickam | Ramses Ochoa | Reggie Ballesteros | Robert Crowe | Robert Trawick | Ronen Hasson | Ruben Gallego | Rudy Espinoza | Scott Turner | Sean Totman | Sergio Oliva Mallet | Shawn Brooks | She Escobar | Shyran Butts | Spencer Bentley | Stan Banos | Stephen Canino | Sydney Key | Taylor L Czerwinski | Todd Spoth | Tojo Andrianarivo | Tom Hampshire | Tonéa Greer | Unai Novoa | Wave Lane | Wil Cohen | Will Stephens