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Profoto A1X

for Fujifilm X Series and GFX
Mirrorless Digital Cameras.

A perfect combination for
amazing color and beautiful light

Fujifilm’s unparalleled color engine and Profoto’s A1X are the perfect pair for photographers looking to make images on location, quickly and easily.

This is the A1X for Fujifilm

The A1X is every inch a Profoto light – just smaller. Its round head delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. And it’s incredibly easy to use, with superfast recycling and a long-lasting battery, so you’ll never miss a shot. On the move, shooting on-camera or off, this is light shaping excellence everywhere.

Compatible with all Fujifilm X Series and GFX Cameras

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Dedicated light shaping tools with Magnetic mount

Extremely fast recycling 1.0s

Remote control and receiver Integrated AirTTL

Integrated LED modeling light

Be free to create

FUJIFILM X-Photographer Paul Von Rieter takes the Profoto A1X to sunny Los Angeles for a portrait and engagement shoot.

How to create soft and hard light

In this video, you will learn how to create soft and hard light with the Profoto A1X.

How to direct on-camera flash

In this video, you will learn three ways to direct the Profoto A1X for different looks and situations.

How to be creative with gels

In this video, you will learn how to create golden hour and blue hour portraits with the Profoto A1X.

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Profoto’s A1X is fully compatible with X Series and GFX Camera Bodies and offers TTL, Hi-Speed Sync, and Manual exposure modes so you can be at the center of your next creative outburst.

Let the camera and flash work together to get you the light you need, when you need it.

For when you need versatility and need to achieve faster shutter speeds, shallower depth of field, and or work with the sun.

For those times when you need absolute control over every aspect of your image or want even more creative freedom.

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