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The Profoto A1X -Now compatible with Fujifilm cameras

Be free to create with the Profoto A1X

From today forward, Fujifilm users are free to create natural-looking light anytime and anywhere, with the Profoto A1X and the Off-Camera Kit – featuring Profoto Connect, the button-free trigger.

The A1X is a formidable tool, because of the natural-looking light it delivers, its ease of use and its reliability to never miss a shot.

Because the truth is, in photography you often have to think fast and act fast – and there’s nothing worse than a flash that can’t keep up. With the A1X you’ll get up to 450 full power pops per charge, and lightning-fast one-second recharge time, ensuring that you get great light in every image.

And because you don’t have time to fiddle with settings in the middle of a shoot, we have made the A1X as easy to use as possible, with intuitive controls and a big display – giving you more time to focus on the image and being creative.

And if you want to take your creativity even further, you can experiment with a variety of light shaping tools such as grids and gels, that easily click onto the A1X magnetic head.

So now, as a Fujifilm shooter, all the light shaping possibilities of the Profoto A1X are yours to enjoy. This is beautiful and natural light in a small package. But most of all, this is the freedom to create on and off camera.

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