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Suzanne Stein

ABOUT Suzanne

I am a street and documentary photographer currently based in New York City.  I think of myself as a social realist and I feel driven to photograph life as honestly as possible as I see it unfolding in front of me.  I feel very strongly that my purpose as an image maker is to work towards creating straightforward narrative in an artistic manner without sacrificing realism.  The world is changing rapidly in unforeseen and important ways, and street photography can serve as an unforgettable critical record.  I am constantly seeking visual narratives and find that the world often presents many scenes that are almost like little fables that I hope can resonate in some way with the people looking at my images. I love to take pictures, and for me change is an important part of my life as an artist. I am constantly experimenting with my camera, finding ways to express subject matter that ranges from fleeting, lighthearted minutiae to work that can be heavy and despairing.  It’s all part of life and it’s my belief that nothing should be left out of the mosaic.