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Michael A. McCoy

ABOUT Michael

As a Baltimore native and disabled veteran, having served two tours in Iraq, photography has been a very critical therapeutic outlet. Photography enables me to navigate through my life’s journey by capturing the joy in others. I always make it a purpose to respect my subjects because not only are they allowing me and my lens into their lives, but they are also – sometimes without realizing it – are providing incredible healing for me. I take great pride in my work and connecting with my subjects on a personal level, which, in turn, allows my clients to feel comfortable enough to return. Whenever I look through the viewfinder and my trigger finger onto the shutter, it also literally triggers an escape of the traumatic memories experienced during my rotations in Iraq. The camera is my saving sanctuary. Photography has given me a different perspective on life especially after the horrors endured in the Middle East. Photography crystallizes a moment in time and gives the opportunity of experiencing life through the eyes of others.