Justin Myers

ABOUT Justin

With a focus on outdoors, sports, technology, and automotive, Justin Myers layers his images with extraordinary landscapes, graphic lines, and compelling light. He envisions active subjects as if they were figure studies in a college drawing class, isolating aesthetic lines and revealing quiet moments that others might miss. These skills are a result of his time working as an animator on popular television shows in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which provided an in-depth education on body movement and expressing an idea without words.

From golden hour on the coast to the aesthetic interior of an architectural masterpiece, Justin believes a stunning location is the foundation to creating exceptional imagery, and the rest of the process is built on collaboration with everyone on set. While he might come off as quiet at first, you can trust that his brain is moving a million miles a minute, constantly solving visual problems in his head. With a prized combination of technical excellence and emotional awareness, Justin produces tack-sharp imagery while bringing out the best in the talent and maintaining a positive vibe on set.

Justin lives with his amazing wife, his fishing-obsessed son, and their two dogs, Buoy and Ahi, in Portland, Oregon. When he’s not shooting, he’s chasing swells on the West Coast, fixing up old cars, or riding his bike.