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John Branch


I’m very passionate and emotional about every wedding I shoot. Trust me if your wedding has all the feels I will be there crying with you. I’m a total nerd. If you want to talk video games, anime, or computers, we HAVE to sit down for coffee (and make sure it’s a long meeting). And I’m a music snob. Jazz, Rnb, Electronic Ambient, and Chillhop is pretty much all I listen to. (Yes vinyl, please. Yes, full albums no singles, please.)  The reason I gravitate towards wedding photography is that I love to support others. And what better way to be in a support role than to help someone celebrate one of the most special moments of their lives. I want to be the Lúcio to your team comp (if you play Overwatch you get me). I want to see you all have a fantastic time, and I want you to look back at your pictures and feel the day. And that’s me. Let’s connect and share this special moment of your life together!