Jasmine Quinones

ABOUT Jasmine

Jasmine Quiñones is an Austin, Texas-based filmmaker and director. Originally from Boston, MA she moved to Austin in 2019 to continue her work as a freelance filmmaker, starting her own production company and working to make a name for herself in a new city. Despite having no formal education in filmmaking, her creative drive and passion for piecing together stories through video has led her to work on numerous projects— DPing and directing for clients such as REI, New Balance, Ferrari, and Fujifilm. She pulls inspiration from 90s skate culture and enjoys blending raw doc style filmmaking with a cleaner and colorful cinematic style.

Her latest short film “Push” is her introduction to longer narrative-driven content. The story explores the friction between self and identity through the lens of one of her favorite sports: skateboarding. As a queer Puerto Rican woman, she hopes to continue bringing underrepresented stories about identity and mental health to light through commercial work and short films, while leaning on some of her favorite subjects – sports, fitness, and lifestyle. When she’s not behind the camera, Jasmine hosts a podcast called “For Creativity’s Sake” and enjoys writing music, singing, and of course – practicing her kickflips.