Yolanda Hoskey

Yolanda Hoskey’s photography is an unapologetic ode to melanin. In this storytelling climate calling for change, she fights the system by creating flawless images of black art that she adorns as ‘a little creativity mixed with a little ghetto’; a nod to the community she was raised in. An East New York native, she uses her inbred New York swag to shake the room, challenging traditional social norms and putting use to the phrase “young, gifted, and black”.

A graduate of The City College of New York, Yolanda holds a B.A in Theatre. She now spends her post-graduate years, creative producing, sculpting narratives, and of course creating beautiful images, proof that artistic development is anything but linear. She wears her authenticity on her sleeves. What you see is what you get. A reminder to us all to live as unapologetically as possible.

“This world can take everything from you, but they cannot take mind... grow it, nurture it, build it. Your brilliance will not be denied” - Louise Folk /MOM

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