Jasmine Lecount-McClanahan

Jasmine is a New York City based filmmaker with a desire to innovate how music and filmmaking come together to drive connection. Jasmine began her filmmaking dreams in elementary school, making home videos on her mom’s iPhone 3. In middle school, when she watched a whole class fall in love with a little alien named ET, she realized what storytelling could do: it could move people.

Jasmine taught herself how to edit on Windows Movie Maker and began crafting stories about her life, processing the social pressures and bullying she was experiencing at the time.

She recently created the documentary film “SchoolHouse Glock” about the youth response to gun violence in America following the 2018 Parkland Shooting, which earned her a nomination in the Youth division at Tribeca Film Festival 2019. Jasmine is currently enrolled in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, studying film and TV as she sets her sights on what story she will tell next.

“As creatives and artists, we want to tell a story that makes a difference in the world, and changes people’s perspectives. Even if it is just one person.”

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