Conor Ferris

Based in Bristol, UK, Conor Ferris is well versed in moving pictures. Transitioning to stills was a welcome challenge, and an opportunity to explore his steadfast creative beliefs in a new medium. He combines image making with an age-old passion for science. The work often contains the magnificence of the natural world, as well as its fragility.

Conor has used his keen artistic eye to direct two award-winning short films, created during his time at the National Film and Television School. He’s since gone on to build a landmark documentary series with the BBC Natural History Unit.

Crises faced by the natural world and the human stories around them are inextricably linked. The dramatic collision is a subject Conor views frequently through the lens. It’s a narrative that is at once challenging and uplifting, demonstrating the troubling consequences of our actions. Treading an objecting line, he also highlights solutions – should we accept the call to action.

View Conor’s full video, read an artist interview, and see his final photographs on May 27.