Students of Storytelling

Empowering the storytellers of tomorrow, the Students of Storytelling project encourages young image makers to create and share meaningful stories. (Photo 2021 © Ryan Tuttle)

Our Mission

Students of Storytelling is Fujifilm’s opportunity to empower visual storytellers by emphasizing that craft and intention matter more than specifications and technology. We believe that telling meaningful stories must be the goal for any committed image maker. In achieving this, we will bring diverse voices to the surface and encourage photographers and filmmakers to have agency in sharing their experiences with the world.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Into the Desert

In fall of 2022, FUJIFILM North America Corporation joined with Desert Daze Festival to invite a trio of aspiring young music photographers for an unforgettable opportunity. With a stage of fostered creativity set, it came time for Lillia, Keegan, and Kristin to enact their lifelong creative visions. This is Students of Storytelling Chapter 4.

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