Providing a creative platform for photographers, new and old

Dedicated to the exposure and broadcast of various visual artists, Lenscratch is a vibrant online forum, unwavering in its dissemination of all things photography. Since 2007, the site has focused on discussion, community collaboration, and education, amplifying its readership’s connection with the art form’s lifeblood.


Aiming to connect its audience with informed conversations, the platform showcases a diverse assortment of industry voices and perspectives. Grants, awards, and dedicated features serve to reinforce Lenscratch’s pledge to emergent craft – uplifting promising young artists with tangible support to shape the next generation in the world of photography.


Inclusive in both name and practice, Lenscratch is a proud advocate of inclusivity and social consciousness, committing itself to the promotion of free, unobstructed editorial access. Seeking to underline content that engages with race, gender, immigration, age, mental health, and more, Lenscratch emphasizes the transformative power of photography, especially as a means of exploring important cultural issues.


Since its inception, thousands of photographers have had their work featured on the site. Lenscratch has facilitated the launch of innumerable portfolios, books, and exhibitions – an instrumental tool in the promotion and exposure of various up-and-coming creatives across the globe. An established media partner with various photography festivals and organizations, the forum has proved indelible in its impact on the wider photographic community, fortifying itself as one of the industry’s most active internet-based publications.


Lenscratch has partnered with Fujifilm for their annual Lenscratch Student Prize Awards in an effort to jointly continue to celebrate and recognize the photographic arts and those within.


Aline Smithson, Founder/editor-in-chief

Based in California, Aline is a visual artist, educator, and editor, best known for her work in conceptual portraiture. Aline currently oversees all written content for Lenscratch. She regularly attends portfolio reviews around the US, working closely with a variety of editors and writers. She also serves as a juror for the Lenscratch Student Awards.

Kellye Eisworth, Director of marketing and contributing writer

Kellye is a San Francisco-based artist and photographer. Her work explores the ways in which the body informs individual and societal issues in a portraiture-based context. She organizes awards and programming, works on themed weeks of content, and supervises editors and interns. Like Aline, she also serves as a juror for the Lenscratch Student Awards.

Daniel George, Submission editor and contributing writer

Based in Utah, Daniel is a photographic artist immersed within the medium’s documentary tradition. At present, he reviews photographer submissions and creates interview articles from the submissions pool. Daniel is also a juror for the Lenscratch Student Awards.