Fostering empathy and engagement with complex social issues © Olivier Khouadiani/CatchLight Africa Masterclass

© Yesica Prado/CatchLight Local

Utilizing the immediacy of the image as its prime concern, CatchLight creates a layered understanding of socially intricate issues via the medium of photography. Established as a distinct media entity, the organization aspires to create journalism that homes in on the visceral, emotive facets of human nature. CatchLight funds and supports photographers, championing creators who reflect and support this expressive ethos, while fashioning a compassionate, humanitarian focus.

Connecting communities through art, journalism, and social justice, a uniquely open-handed perspective ensures visual storytellers are supported at all levels. Aiming to impart the spirit of photography into a range of societal subjects, CatchLight discovers, develops, and platforms voices that amplify the essence of their journalism with visual excellence and flair. By building programs and initiatives to validate this aim, the institute retains its ‘fellows’ for life, cultivating and nurturing talent on a vast, international scale.

Recognizing the inimitable nature of CatchLight’s outlook, Fujifilm recently partnered with the organization, committing to provide resources and equipment for disenfranchised talent.

© Yesica Prado/CatchLight Local

© David Rodríguez Muñoz/CatchLight Local

© Kiana Hayeri/Artists Against An Infodemic

© Felix Uribe/CatchLight Local

© Sebastián Hidalgo/CatchLight Local

© Josué Rivas/CatchLight Fellow

© Josué Rivas/CatchLight Fellow

Elodie Mailliet Storm, CEO

A leading voice in the world of visual storytelling, Elodie has spent her career refining the strategic development of various leading companies, including an 11-year stint with Getty Images. As Catchlight’s CEO, she currently oversees all macro-operations and schemes.

Jenny Stratton, director of programs and engagement

Multimedia storyteller, photo facilitator, educator, and researcher, Jenny develops community programming for a variety of non-profit organizations. She supervises Catchlight’s programs, ensuring engagement is maximized across the board.

Adriana Garcia, creative and operational strategist

A distinguished visual artist, Adriana is a leading graphic designer and strategist operating within the journalistic sphere. She currently devises the overarching strategy for Catchlight’s creative engagements.