Bronx Documentary Center

A multipurpose artistic hub, servicing burgeoning documentarians across New York

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© Fanta Diop

Located in the vibrant neigborhood of Melrose, South Bronx, the BDC is a pulsating civic gallery and educational space. Specializing in community-focused documentary practice, the non-profit aims to fuel and facilitate a critical approach to essential social issues. Resultant art serves as a driver for wider change, whilst a diverse educational roster ensures a comprehensive level of learning with various communities.

Residing in the Bronx throughout the 1980s, founder Michael Kamber felt an acute lack of creative engagement. Following a decade photographing conflict zones for The New York Times, he was keen to provide the area with access to a more optimal selection of journalism, photography, and documentary cinema.

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In 2011, he instituted his passion project with the purchase of a derelict landmarked building. With a particular focus on areas typified by poverty, unemployment, and deprived educational outcomes, the organization would soon occupy the walls of a thriving refurbished space.

As well as subsidizing a wide variety of free programs, the BDC team provide premium professional training to members of the public, creating paths to cultural equity.

An impressive 70% of active participants hail from surrounding local areas.

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Michael Kamber, Founder & Executive Director

Michael Kamber has worked as a journalist for more than 25 years. Between 2002 and 2012, he worked for The New York Times, covering conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, the Sudan, Somalia, the Congo, and other countries. Kamber founded the Bronx Documentary Center in 2011.

Cynthia Rivera, Exhibition Manager

Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in photography, Cynthia has an extensive artistic background, specializing in the interrogation of issues concerning social justice. Cynthia currently works with a variety of photographers around the world. She researches, curates, and creates BDC exhibitions.

Maria De La Paz Galindo, Community Engagement Coordinator

Having lived in the South Bronx for 29 years, Maria has a far-reaching understanding of her locale and its inhabitants. Maria works closely with the BDC community, involving them in all aspects of education and programming. She also oversees Foto Español, a Spanish language photo class.

Sean Sirota, Teaching Artist

An experienced artist and creative, Sean’s photographic expertise has made him an invaluable educational asset. Sean teaches photography to Bronx teens, emphasizing personal and community stories, and a mastery of technicality.