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Round 2: Weddings closes in

Round 2: Weddings

Time to show your romantic side and create memorable wedding images

A wedding is the very reason why many of us pick up a camera in the first place. It’s a special day that goes so quickly, yet is full of transient moments that we endeavor to record. The skill is recognizing those opportunities and being ready for them. This month’s Creators – Petronella Lugemwa and John Branch IV – are masters of the art. Listen to their advice, put it into practice, and recreate it with a happy couple. Once you’ve made a memorable wedding or engagement image, upload it and you’ll have the chance to win a Fujifilm kit. Full details are on the Challenge pages below; simply select a photographer and start your journey to better wedding results.

Petronella Lugemwa’s Challenge

Find out why Petronella uses weddings as a great storytelling opportunity

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John Branch IV’s Challenge

Learn how John's hands-on approach creates memorable wedding images

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Next month: Travel

Pack your camera bags and be ready for our travel round

How Create With Me works

A hand-picked selection of FUJIFILM Creators will be sharing insight and secrets behind their distinctive photographic styles, then inviting you to create and submit images inspired by their advice. Send an image and you could win some incredible prizes, but you can also simply use each round as a new challenge for your photography – and maximize this fantastic opportunity to learn from the best!

The competition is split into twelve monthly rounds, with two FUJIFILM Creators setting a challenge each round. There’s something for everyone from portraits to landscapes, street to weddings. Sign up below to be informed when each round goes live.

The prizes

Improving your skills as a photographer has never been so rewarding. In addition to gaining valuable insight and training from FUJIFILM Creators, by submitting an image into any of the monthly rounds, you also have the chance to pick up some incredible Fujifilm kits! Specific prizes will be revealed with each new round, but if you’re a fan of the latest crop of X Series models, you won’t be disappointed.

Create With Me is open to photographers of all levels and abilities. You don’t even need to be an existing Fujifilm user – cameras of all shapes, sizes and brands are welcome.

Read the full Terms and Conditions HERE.

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