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Hear Susumu & Tetsuro's story...
Sam Minami
Susumu Minami
Fujifilm color specialist Susumu Minami lives and breathes color. Every place he visits and every picture he makes is another step forward in his pursuit of perfect reproduction.
Carrying three different cameras with him wherever he goes, Susumu is constantly sampling the vivid colors of our natural landscapes and using them to further develop Fujifilm’s renowned memory color technology. With an entire lifetime devoted to this cause, Susumu is the personification of Fujifilm’s years of dedication to pushing boundaries in image quality.
Tetsuro Ashida
Tetsuro Ashida
Tetsuro Ashida has spent his career exploring the intricacies of sharpness and color theory, with the goal of creating an image quality that does justice to every photographer’s work, from amateurs right through to professionals.
Working in the Fujifilm color lab in Japan, Tetsuro’s tireless work has helped to produce the legendary color for which Fujifilm digital cameras are so renowned. For Tetsuro, this is so much more than just a job. It’s a passion, an obsession, and an unwavering determination to create the technology that allows people to use photography to celebrate memories exactly as they remember them.
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