Fujifilm has spent a lifetime in the photographic industry. In that period, we have played a key role in creating some of the most legendary images in history because it’s less about the image itself and more about the story it tells.

Whether it’s your favorite movie, your most idyllic holiday view, or the single remaining photograph of a lost relative, the thing that makes it special is what it means to you. This underpins everything we do and is what drives us to keep innovating.

The Create Forever content series is a celebration of storytelling. It’s a celebration of being in the moment, doing what you love, and building a legacy that will be enjoyed by generations to come. We want to inspire you to tell your story, teach you how best to tell it, and provide you with a stage to share it from.

We believe everyone’s story deserves to be heard, so sign up for a workshop, upload an image, and become part of our community.
Muse Storytelling
Muse Storytelling believes that by sharing the real experiences of another person in just the right way, it is possible to transport the audience into their shoes, into their world, and in doing so, shift their perspective.

The Muse Storytelling team has more than 15 years of experience in documentary and commercial production. It has brought this background to the Create Forever project to give participants clarity and confidence in crafting stories with strong characters.

The team is offering training in the science and art of storytelling at an exciting series of Create Forever Workshops. The focus will be on a repeatable process for crafting stories and growing the impact of people with a message to share. The aim is to revolutionize the way people tell stories and how they approach their storytelling process.

A well-told story, shared at the right time, can truly change the world. And Muse hopes its stories can have a positive impact on those that they tell them for and those that take them in.