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Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton is an award-winning International Landscape and Travel Photographer and Artist, Speaker, Author and Educator. Through stunning imagery, humor, thought-provoking ideas and a genuinely positive outlook, she inspires people to discover their artistic voice in photography — while making it all feel like an unforgettable and eye-opening adventure.

Her online courses and photography retreats focus upon Storytelling, Seeing Photographically, Finding Your Artistic Voice and the Power of Awe.

Karen’s lifetime of creating images began as a child, after a transformational vision of light. Her “artist’s paintbrush” is a camera, which not coincidentally utilizes light and time as its painterly medium. She’s had one in her hands her entire life.

“I believe that art is love made visible. That stories are everywhere. That Awe is a prime emotion given to us by the Creator for its power of transformation. And that the more we experience it, the happier + lighter we become. I believe in discernment, truth, wisdom, strong artistic choices, love and the power of uplifting others.”

Adoring fans + customers call her “Pure JOY, LIGHT & absolute FUN!”, “An inspirational gem” and “Incredibly artistic. Captivatingly genius. World class!”

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