Notice of firmware availability due to specification changes of our digital cameras


Feb. 16, 2022
Feb. 28, 2022 Revised
FUJIFILM Corporation

As announced on February 2, 2022 in the “Important notice for consumers processing FUJIFILM digital camera files using macOS” revised firmware for our digital cameras (GFX series and specific X series) will be released as follows.

1.Models affected

(1) GFX100, GFX100S, GFX 50S*1, X-T4, X-T3*2, and X-S10
(2) GFX50R*3, GFX50S II, X-Pro3, X-E4, X-T30 II, and X100V
*1:Ver.4.00 or later   *2:Ver.3.20 or later   *3:Ver.2.00 or later

2.Publication date & time

(1) February 16
(2) February 28 (Revised)

3.Revised firmware

The specification of the maximum number of frames that can be recorded in a single folder has been changed from 9,999 to 999 frames.
* As announced on Feb.2, this specification change is to address the following issues that may be observed when accessing SDXC memory cards with more than 4,000 files in a single folder with a macOS computer.

(1) When accessing files recorded on an SDXC card with a built-in or external card reader on a macOS computer, some of the files may not be displayed.
(2) If the memory card is not ejected correctly from a macOS computer, there is a likelihood that data may be lost when you load the card again with a built-in or external card reader of the macOS computer.
* If the proper ejection procedures are followed, no data will be lost, but (1) may occur.

* Please be aware that the above specifications will be applied to all future firmware updates. Thank you for your understandings.

Links to the updated firmware

Please download the latest firmware from the following sites to update the firmware.
If you are using a macOS computer to process recorded files in the SDXC memory card, make sure to follow the procedure below before upgrading the firmware.

・ Follow the instructions in “II-2. If using an SDXC memory card with existing files or one that has not been recently formatted:” in the article titled “Important notice for consumers processing FUJIFILM digital camera files using macOS” that was published on Feb. 2 in this web site and then format the SDXC memory card before using it.

Update history:
Feb. 28, 2022
The firmware for the affected models described in 1-(2) above has been released on February 28, which was planned for ”Late February to early March (T.B.D.)”.