22.05.2015 FUJIFILM

FUJINON Speed Lenses "Rebirth of the Legend" #4

Considering the focal length equivalent, the XF60mmF2.4 R Macro or XF56mmF1.2 R in the current XF lineup are the today’s FUJINON 10cm F2. But when you think about its usage, the recently announced XF90mmF2 R LM WR is a better candidate as the successor.
The FUJINON 10cm F2 was introduced in 1956, and XF90mmF2 R LM WR in 2015. 60 years have passed between the two lenses, and the way of photography has changed dramatically with time. The number of shots taken have immensely increased and awareness of privacy protection has surfaced.
Photographers are allowed to shoot more in the digital age, but are more restricted to what can be shot. Before and after pressing the shutter button, a photographer needs to communicate with the subject and think about what can be included within the frame.
The focal length of XF90mmF2 R LM WR is 137mm (35mm format equivalent), which is more on the telephoto end than 10cm. Considering today’s shooting environment, having narrower angle of view should make you feel more or less the same as using the 10cm 60 years ago. And the bokeh it produces would also be similar.
The lens usability has adapted with time. And the image quality has also seen improvement with the 60 years. Amazingly sharp image quality and beautiful circular bokeh, the subject stands out from its surrounding with stunning depth added to the picture. This “Cinderella Lens” creates beautiful pictures.