More than Full Frame "Kohn for Future" Thai culture archiving project with UNESCO

KHON + Future

The Journey so Far December 2021

Due to Covid 19 the complications and logistics to do such a shoot with larges casts and the wonderful behind the scenes teases has been a dramatic performance in itself.

Exhibition “Kohn + Future” at MOCA Bangkok

Big Print and Exhibition for A Purpose

The Key Reason for this project was to bring awareness and to unite both the younger generation and established history to have one goal in mid to good in our community with fellow creatives

UNESCO, in collaboration with MOCA BANGKOK and the SUPPORT Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, launched KHON+FUTURE exhibition in November 2021. The exhibition aims to fundraise to establish an art scholarship program in Thailand for young artists and artisans. The Exhibition will be traveling to many exhibitions in the next year

Exhibition “Kohn + Future” at MOCA Bangkok

Capturing The Moment

My focus this time is to do something different from my previous work and to try and draw on the unique complexity and beauty of Khon. It is important to keep in mind the heritage, discipline, skill, and dedication of all the Khon Artisans, these are extremely important.

When pursuing the shots, it really put into perspective the dramatic and important history that is in bedded into and intertwines with all ages in Thai culture, this really put into perspective the true commitment and love of both the dancers and all the Khon Artisans put into their craft.

“I wanted to show the movement and precision that is personified into the Khon Artisans- encapsulating the skills from the ateliers, jewelers, and weavers to VP dancers.

When shooting it was one of the key elements to capture both the motion and the great detail in the work – The images are single shots caught with multiple flash and continuous light”

“The initial project Was to capture the elements of khon, it became apparent with the size of the project and importance of what our goal was that simply repeating history in archival photography was not going to be an acceptable target we had to go beyond this”

With this in mind, I decided that to give balance and further perspective to giving a radically different view this could not be achieved with the body of work from one photographer, so I made this into a collaborative project. This charitable exhibition features works created by the collaboration of ten Thai Khon artists from the SUPPORT Foundation and three fine art photographers: Kit Bencharongkul, Kanrapee Chokpaiboon, and myself

© Kanrapee Chokpaiboon

Why The GFX100

I am not the first to say this but as a medium format user by choice “The GFX100 is a Game Changer”

The flexibility of the system is literally unbelievable and there is no medium format system that comes close to the multifunctional, and adaptive way the system can be used.

The GFX100 large format systems dynamic range is beyond belief. The IBIS have given me a whole different approach to my workflow shooting both handheld and low light scenarios with lower ISO settings while still producing tack sharp images even shooting higher ISO the level of noise in comparison to other Medium Format Cameras is beyond belief.

The GFX Delivered on every aspect of our project both technically and in it rendering and beautiful colour files they have the “Medium Format Feel” there is nothing comparable.

The GF lenses are literally beyond expectations and deliver without fail.
Tethering is solid and without fault.
This is a camera review.

The system works, it’s a professional tool that goes beyond expectations. I hope you will able to see this in the imagery and the behind the scenes footage.

© Kit Bencharongkul


I have used nearly all the GF lenses with the GFX 100, I shoot in very tight and specific parameters and demand the ultimate in resolution, color profile and a fast workflow.

A key Element to my workflow is having a reliable and solid company that supports both myself and my team.

Fujifilm Thailand and Japan have been instrumental in making this project happen.

Their belief in the future of the next generation of Photographers and creatives is a key element in the development of not only products but ensuring a greater understanding in what their users need and how best to optimize the whole package.

There are very few companies I can compare who share the same ethos and dedication shown by the Fujifilm Family – This make another game changer and is pivotal in the future of our next steps forward for both the foreseeable and long-term future.

© William Barrington-Binns

About the author

William is an international award-winning DOP – In both Still & Motion Imagery Creation. Key work in Architectural/Commercial/Haute Couture/Lifestyle/Hospitality and Conceptual Art, now based in Bangkok, Thailand, he has exhibited globally at galleries and exhibitions including OXO London, Xposure UAE, Macau, Hong Kong, and Dubai, William has won many accolades and awards including Dezeen awards, MPA, PPAC The Prestigious Photography Award from His Royal Highness Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. He is an Ambassador for ARRI Lighting and is Currently working on several Commercial projects for, Apple, world famous Hotel Architects Bensley, a UNESCO Arts Scholarship Foundation Project. His work has been used in commercial campaigns, premier brands and published in both books and magazines. William is proactive in promoting both gender and ethnic equality, sustainable and fair trade for all.