High-Resolution 4K

Many of today’s cameras have a 4K video output, but X-S10’s is unique because its footage is oversampled from an original 6K signal. Using this rich data, the camera can deliver high-resolution footage with relatively low noise. It also supports filming in DCI format with a 17:9 aspect, allowing for a truly high-quality cinematic look.
Fujifilm’s unrivalled color science brings its benefits to video, too. When creating movies, you can use any of X-S10’s 18 different Film Simulations to add your own distinctive look to footage, including ETERNA/CINEMA, the motion picture film stock used in many movie masterpieces.

Full HD 240p High Speed Footage

When working in Full HD resolution, you can make high-speed movies at 240fps. Played back at normal speed, this results in smooth, high-resolution footage with up to a 10x slow-motion effect.

Movie Record Button

With a dedicated movie recording button on its top-plate, X-S10 lets you start a recording even when creating still images, using the same quality settings. Exposure and focus settings are automatically controlled while recording, allowing you to concentrate on your subject and make better movies.

Digital Image Stabilization

In addition to X-S10’s In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS), enabling Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) mode will powerfully compensate for camera shake even when walking with the camera. Adding IS Mode Boost provides even more stabilization, nearly eliminating camera shake when it is used from a fixed, hand-held position.




For a professional finish to your footage, X-S10 supports F-Log video format, which allows you to record movies with a wide dynamic range, improving detail in highlights and giving a look that’s closer to the human eye. Ideal for making post-production adjustments on your computer with video editing software, using F-Log View Assist while recording will give you a BT.709 equivalent preview on the LCD monitor, to help with visualizing what an edit could potentially look like.

Microphone Jack

To improve the sound you record, X-S10 has a 3.5mm microphone jack, letting you connect an external microphone.

Headphone Connection

There is a headphone adapter included, which connects to the camera’s USB-C port and lets you monitor recording or listen to footage during playback.

Improved AF-C During Movie Mode

To ensure smooth, accurate, and stable focusing in movie recording, X-S10’s AF algorithm has been completely revised. This means you’ll get reliable focus on the subject even when filming in low-light conditions and in F-Log mode.

Photometry for Movies

For better exposure on tricky lighting scenarios, X-S10 allows you to select from multi-zone, center-weighted, spot, and average metering modes. For instance, use spot metering mode to stabilize the exposure in selfie videos and scenes with unpredictable lighting and camera positions.

Movie Menu

X-S10’s mode dial can be set to a dedicated movie position which switches the menu to exclusively show movie settings. This lets filmmakers apply detailed settings for image quality, focus, audio, and other aspects of video recording, or create their own customized movie setups.

Silent Control During Moviemaking

To improve movie audio and let you adjust settings without worrying about dial clicks being picked up during a recording, X-S10’s dedicated movie operation mode allows you to change settings in silence using the touchscreen.