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29.04.2017 Ivan Joshua Loh

GFX is the next generation of medium format by Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh, a FUJIFILM X-Photographer is known for his quirky and different approach through his lens. He has received numerous accolades from the International Photography Award, New York and Photography Master Cup. Most Recently a Gold, 1st Place at the 2014 PX3 Prix De La Photographie in Paris .
Ivan started shooting since his teenage years with his father’s Nikon SLR and he hasn’t stopped since. He has lensed campaigns for clients such as Singapore Airlines, MTV Asia, Nike, Bossini, Nanyang Technological University, Caltex, Ascendas-singbridge group, Allianz Insurance, Manulife Insurance, HSBC Insurance, DHL. TNT, UOB, CAAS, Hilton Group, BLINK, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Raffles Hotel, Diegeo, Embraer, Fujifilm, Carlson, TATA Communication, INCOME, GIC,HDB, Clark Quay, HOT FM 91.3, Kiss 92FM, JIA 88.3, Power 98, and CHIMJES.
His editorial works have appeared in magazines such as Home+Living, TopGear Singapore, Her World, Cleo, Seventeen, FHM, Parents World and Home & Decor. His works have also glossed the pages of international magazines such as Conde Nast, Quattroruote, Asian Photography and Digital Photography(UK).

Shooting with GFX 50s is really a breath of fresh air. I started my first medium format some twenty years ago. From Mamiya RB to RZ. And my last film base medium format was the Mamiya 645 Pro. Hasselblad H3D was my first Digital Medium format and the last was Phase One with a LEAF digital back. All these cameras are real workhorse. IQ is superb but the size, weight and slow workflow stop me to from from using it beyond work. I wouldn’t wanna be caught using one until now.

GFX rekindle my passion for Medium Format Photography

The main reason above all for shooting with medium format is obviously the image quality. And the GFX doesn’t fall short in this arena when paired with the Fujinon GF lenses. GFX is for any photographers that shoots commercial, fashion, bridal, travel and even documentary photography should feel at ease using the GFX. Its created for almost all genre of photography. Yes, even for street photography! Its light in weight and auto focus is fast enough to capture that fleeing moment.

The details are staggering. Beautitful transition from highlights to shadows.

This SOOC picture of Dwayne Lau with a chicken is taken from the recent GFX launch in Singapore. Light with only one light source. The Broncolor Siros 800 with a 133 Para. The transition is beautiful. No sight of moire on the fabric of the blue jacket plus the details are staggering.

GFX is the next generation of medium format, Now.

One of the other reason why I love Fujifilm X Series is the Film Simulation. And this is a standard feature here.The GFX auto focus is fast. Really impressive. You have to try it for yourself and don’t take my word for it. The number of AF point is more than 400 points. This is really crazy in the world of MF. Its unheard-of. This feature is perfect for those photographers who loves to shoot lifestyle, fashion and street photography
In many ways the GFX is my ultimate camera. Its fits comfortably in my hand, about the same size as a DSLR. In fact its even smaller than some of the high end DSLR. Its light, fast AF, simple workflow and the IQ is truly amazing. And I believe once you tried the GFX; you will also agree with me that GFX is the next generation of medium format, now.