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16.09.2016 Gabriele Lopez

Gabriele Lopez with X-E2S - Episode 2: My Photography

Hello Everyone!
Recently I am thinking a lot about “my” photography…let me explain it…It happened often that I made a trip in a far country and of course everything seems new, exciting, interesting to take pictures of.
Of course this is absolutely true since experience and learning are for sure of big importance for everyone in life. There are surely a few things that can give you something and enrich your mind like a good trip in a different country, with different lifestyles. I have seen so many pictures made from friends on India, a country that I have never been before…and I dreamed so many times to go there and experience it by myself.

I love zines and self-published photo books, and while in the search of something good I’ve come across this book: Fragment of a spinning rock and not only I liked it a lot, but it was so different from the usual “clichés” I have seen on India before, may it be for a different sensibility of the photographer itself, or just for the normal fact that, for example, my pictures of a guy riding a skateboard in the streets of New York are not that special to a New Yorker…like my pictures of a girl with a medical-mask on his mouth are not so special to a Tokyo resident. Of course everyone can have his style in pictures but what got me interested again in photography in the last years is definitely going back to doing something more personal, things that have importance to me and (maybe) just reflect my mood and sensation of a place.

If you want, just like basic photography.
Basic photography may just be the point, indeed.
It is just the feeling of when I started taking pictures as a beginner, and that is absolutely what I want to go back to.

What I am watching now is this series of Paris.
I have been there several times, just looking for that “perfect” street photography moment I tried to get in camera. I am slowly losing interested in all this, if it’s not giving a sense of mood, it looks totally useless to me lately.
In my recent series, in my ongoing series and body of works, I am looking more into what means intimate and significant to me. So I am looking for “My Paris”, my personal and intimate look on “her”, may it be Street Photography, or an Hotel Room I am sharing with the woman I love.
It is so liberating to let all those moments just go away and enjoying them with my eyes, so to fell and breathe all the poetry around, letting the conditions for my personal shot to be born, and having something I will be proud to remember.