05.31.2022 Yukio Uchida

LENS STORIES: Yukio Uchida x F1.4 Trio

Yukio Uchida

Born in Ryotsu City (currently Sado City), Niigata Prefecture. Began free-lance work after working as a civil servant. Built a reputation for monochrome snaps while shooting celebrities on the side. Shown at solo exhibitions at Nikon Salon, Fuji Photo Salon and other well-known galleries. Contributes articles to camera magazines and newspapers, and shares his experience as a teacher. Styles himself “the last liberal arts photographer”.
Books he has authored include: “Leica to Monokuro no Hibi” (Black-and-white days with Leica), “Itsumo Camera Ga” (The camera always…) and “THE FinePix X100 BOOK”.