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11.09.2015 FUJIFILM

One lens one story #9

“One lens one story”, the last chapter is on XF18mm.
It is one of the first 3 lenses that was introduced upon the launch of X-mount.
It appears that the lens does not get the recognition it deserves as the other two lenses, XF35mm and XF60mm, show strong characteristics, and this lens gets left behind. But you will not find its real value if you look at the lens same way as you do on the two lenses.
XF18mm is a “Snap shooter” lens, which sought for the optimal balance between “image quality” and “mobility”.
It has bright aperture of F2, yet the filter size is only 52mm. The lens is 33.7mm long and only weighs 116g. It is the smallest wide angle lens in the lineup.
Portability is a always huge plus for the photographers. And the small size also becomes an big advantage for snap shooters as it does not intimidate the subject. Small size is a must for mobility.
In addition, the minimum working distance is only 18cm.
If you compare it with the 34cm for another pancake type lens XF27mm, you see that there is a big difference.
This allows another meaning of “mobility”. The photographer can get close to and far from the subject with ease.
Let’s also look at the AF speed.
XF18mm has the fastest AF speed for the lenses that are brighter than F2. It has AF speed of 0.111 sec. (Based on CIPA standard)
There are various factors involved, so it cannot always perform at its fastest speed, but you can remember the lens as the “Fastest AF speed among bright lenses.”
It certainly is important that the lens should render beautiful images. But before you come up with any images, you need to capture the moment.
XF18mm is here in our lineup to no miss the spontaneous moment.

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