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Argyris Vavouyios (Greece)

My name is Argyris Vavouyios and I come from Athens, Greece. I am a professional documentary wedding photographer and portrait photographer, but my background comes from photojournalism and street photography so this shooting style follows me until now. In my free time I hit the streets trying to find images full of color, light and shadow and human expression. Street photography will always be my favorite form of art. For the last two years Fujifilm has stolen my heart making me use only these small and lightweight cameras and lenses that produce miracles and fit my documentary style.


I used to be a Nikon shooter for many years. Two years ago I bought a small FUJIFILM X20 for my family photos and that was it. I fell in love with Fuji. Next thing I did was to buy an X-E2 with the 18-55mm lens and starting to use it along with my Nikon gear in weddings. Then I sold all my Nikons, bought the amazing X-T1 and a 23mm lens. Then the 56mm lens. Now days I shoot 100% with Fuji's . From weddings and portraits to street photography Fuji just brought back in life the love I had for photography as a beginner  (without breaking my back from weight).