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24.04.2020 Rinzi Ruiz

X100V “My Milestone” – Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He originally studied graphic design and computer animation at the Art Institute of Los Angeles but after 12 years in the design industry found a passion for photography and made the switch. He is now known for his street photography and urban photography with his focus on light and shadow and the human condition. Rinzi was a featured photographer in the LA Times Framework and has had various photographs featured in the LA Times SoCal Moments. He has also been featured in Light It Magazine, The Candid Frame Podcast, Inspired Eye Magazine, Art Photo Feature, Fotoflock by Epson and Backyard Opera. His work has been exhibited at the Hatakeyama Gallery and The Think Tank Gallery. His work was published in Arte Fotográfica Magazine and Eloquence International Creators Magazine. His rapid development as a photographer is informed from a commitment to make time for his art, as well as developing a critical eye for what works and what doesn't. Inspired by both contemporary and master photographers, his understanding of the tradition of photography is helping him to develop a distinct voice.

LA street photographer Rinzi Ruiz uses FUJIFILM X100V on a project that not only takes him outside his comfort zone, but takes his photography to new levels of creativity.

As a street photographer, Rinzi Ruiz is constantly surrounded by the vibrant activity of Los Angeles, and it is this interaction between people and environments that drives his creativity. That being said, for this project with FUJIFILM X100V, Rinzi wanted to explore how, even in the busiest of environments, it’s still possible to feel alone.

“My latest set of images are about anonymity and the sense of loneliness in a large city,” says Rinzi, admitting this project took him out of his comfort zone. “Often I try to include a face or character in a photograph that expresses an emotion or mood, but in this case I purposely attempted to obscure or hide faces,” he explains. “It took me outside of what I’m used to, and this made me think of more creative ways to compose my photos.”

Rinzi’s aim was to use the contrast between light and shadow to create awareness of this sense of loneliness, while emphasizing positivity. “I believe one can feel that sense of loneliness even when surrounded by a city full of people. But I also believe in the light and what it typically symbolizes: hope, grace, warmth, new beginnings,” he tells us.

For Rinzi, shooting with X100V was not only great for this project, but pretty much any other situation he found himself in day-to-day. “I can just carry it around my neck and it’s ready for when the moment hits,” he says. “Its FUJINON 23mmF2 lens is such a diverse lens for both street and event photography.”

He continues: “The X100V embodies the whole idea of one camera, one lens. Not having to think about what combination of body and lenses I’m going to bring with me helps me focus on the act of observing and having fun taking photos.”


There were three specific features that Rinzi was impressed with: the high-performance AF system, which offers precision down to -5EV, the new 1.62 million dot tilting LCD touchscreen, and the optional weather-resistance that is made possible by attaching a weather-sealing filter and adapter ring.

The fact that many of these improvements have come about through Fujifilm’s attention to user feedback means that, for Rinzi, this camera feels like more than just a great image-making tool. “As usual, Fujifilm has listened. For those who asked for WR, done. For those who asked for a new lens, done. For those who asked for a flip screen, done. There’s a feeling of pride when I use this camera knowing I had a tiny part in it coming to reality,” he says.

All this made for a great experience with X100V and Rinzi recommends it to all photographers. “The X100V is awesome. It’s perfect for travel, street, personal, fun, and even for work,” he enthuses. “The upgrades and updates were what a lot of people asked for and the result is a good-looking, stylish camera that doesn’t hold back with features.”