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04.01.2019 Eamonn McCarthy

Personal Best vol.8 | Eamonn McCarthy

Eamonn McCarthy

I am a landscape photographer based in the West of Ireland where I lead groups in landscape Photography and teach individuals on a one to one basis. I post a new image on my Facebook page everyday. Before I started using digital cameras in 2005, I was a film photographer and one of my favourite cameras was a Fuji GW670III. In all the film cameras I ever owned Fuji Velvia was my favourite film, and so when I switched to digital I missed Fuji . I first used a Fuji digital camera on 9th October 2012. I remember the date so well because a Fuji rep here in Ireland gave me an X-Pro1 to use for a day. I struggled to get the hang of it in the short time I had it, but the images I got were amazing. I decided there and then I needed to get a Fuji. It was two years later before I got an X-E1, I loved the camera and used it as a second camera alongside my full frame Nikon gear, but more and more I found I was leaving the Nikon bag and lenses at home and just taking the little Fuji. I had always thought I needed full frame, but I was getting great images from the X-E1 and so I eventually made the switch completely and now use only Fuji gear with the X-T2 being my main camera. Maybe its an age thing, but using the X-T2 is just like using a film camera from years ago, and so now I find, I think less and less about the camera, and just enjoy taking pictures.

This image, called “Ancient Forest” is one of my favorites from 2018. It was taken on Doohoma beach on the North West coast of County Mayo, Ireland, a landscape that is constantly battered by the Atlantic Ocean . During the storms of the winter of 2017/18 huge quantities of sand were swept away from the beach to reveal a snapshot of a long disappeared landscape. Where is now a beautiful beach was once a great forrest , the shifting sands revealed the roots of trees that are 5000 years old!
I arrived at the beach about half an hour before sunset, the tide was out and the roots were fully revealed, I took several pictures , but really wanted to have the sea water around the roots and so I chose this composition and waited in the freezing cold. Forty Five minutes after the sun had set the Atlantic Ocean began to lap around the roots and I pressed the shutter!

The 20 second exposure was made on my FUJIFILM X-T2 coupled with the XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens. This is a great lens for landscape, specially in a composition like this , The wide angle allows me to spotlight the large tree root, but still allow the viewer to see the vast landscape of Doohoma Head and Achill Island in the background . On this occasion the lens was zoomed to 14.5mm, I rarely go wider then 14mm.  As you can see, this image was taken from a very low angle, I am nearly 2 meters tall, so was very thankful for the flip screen on the X-T2 !

Equipments used

Camera: X-T2
Lens: XF10-24mmF4 R OIS


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