Different Breed: Tomasz Trzebiatowski x X-Pro3

My name is Tomasz Trzebiatowski. I have been playing the piano for 38 years and photographing for 19. Today those two passions co-exist for me in absolute parallel – they feed each other, they can’t thrive without one another. Photographing the process of manufacturing a piano instrument with a camera that belongs to my favorite Fujifilm model line, was a unique experience. It was like bringing those two worlds together and creating brand new creative entity.

FUJIFILM X-Pro3 is bringing some totally new aspects and experiences to my creative process. Working exclusively with the optical or digital viewfinder and refraining from checking the photographs on the LCD screen connected me with my subjects in an even stronger manner.
Some of the new design solutions implemented into this camera required some time to adjust my way of shooting, but once I embraced them, I experienced a creative flow full of some entirely new dimensions.

Through my photography and through my music I can communicate without words. I always find it very fascinating to try expressing my inner emotions and thoughts via medium that is not verbal. This new unique channel of communication that connects everyone involved (the photographer, the subject, and the final recipient) becomes a piece of art in itself.

X-Pro3 fits into this kind of my personal endeavours perfectly.
The camera just serves its purpose. It doesn’t “scream at you” with any unnecessary buttons or displays. Everything is there, but only when you really need it. The LCD is hidden, it does not distract you in between the frames, it does not disrupt the flow. Entire design is a coronation of the X-Pro line concept. It remains simple, unobtrusive and lets you focus on your photography without distractions.
Photographing musicians, concerts, very often in an extremely quiet and intimate situations, always requires from me to be “invisible”. I don’t want to destroy the magical atmosphere of the environment full of concentration and focus. X-Pro3 allows me to do it in a perfect possible way.
I have everything I need to produce impactful photographs, but I remain the part of the situation, I don’t stand out, I become the part of the music.