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Yuri Iluhin (Russia)

Yuri Ilyukhin, a commercial photographer from tel Aviv (Israel), living in Minsk (Belarus). Started photography by inheritance – in the family a whole dynasty of photographers. Founder and Director of the advertising company “DigitalHouse Israel”. Winner of three “Golden Cacti” and “Palme d’or” (“Golden Palm”) of the advertising festival “Cannes Lions” (Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival) (the highest award in the advertising business). Engaged in teaching. The founder and head of Studio BYPHOTO.BY (Minsk) and photoschool PHOTOSHKOLA.BY. Participated as a speaker at the festivals FOTOFEST BELARUS. Among the customers of Yuri Air Canada, Coca-Cola, Mentos, Unilever, Fogel Ogilvy, Young and Rubicon, IBM, SUBARU (Israel), Fiat (Israel), SERGE (Belarus) and many others. Author and presenter of the YouTube channel about photography and photo retouching. Currently engaged in portrait and food photography. Photo works are sold at all the leading microstock agencies: Shutterstock (USA), iStockPhoto (Canada), Dreamstime, Depositphotos, ALAMY (UK), Fotolia (USA) For Fujifilm started shooting three years ago. It all started with the X-E2, then X-T1 and now X-T2. Favorite lenses XF60mmF2.4 and XF35mmF1.4.