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GFX 100

Preserve for the Future

The GFX 100 combines decades of experience, knowledge, and research into a mirrorless, large format camera that redefines the boundaries and limitations of how photographers and filmmakers creatively express themselves. Raising the bar in large format auto-focus performance by being one of the first large format systems to have in-body stabilisation, and providing filmmakers with a way to push the limits of wide format 4K/30p motion capture, the GFX 100 is not only reshaping how images are being made, but it is redefining large format for the world's next generation of image makers.


Despite featuring a sensor which is 1.7 times larger than a 35mm full frame sensor, the GFX 100’s body is equivalent to that of a flagship 35mm full frame DSLR camera in terms of dimensions (156.2mm (W) x 163.6mm (H) x 102.9mm (D), measuring 48.9mm at the thinnest part) and weight (approx. 1400g including two batteries, memory card and EVF).

Sensor / Processor / Mount

The FUJIFILM GFX 100 pairs a newly-developed, back-illuminated 102MP imaging sensor with our fast “X Processor 4” processor to create a combination capable of outputting 16-bit images with amazing colour fidelity, rich shadow detail, and incredible dynamic range. Its back-illuminated structure enhances image quality by bringing the exposure plane closer to the colour filter array. This reduces noise levels from that typically experienced with mirrorless cameras and extends the native ISO to ISO 100. Sharpness is also enhanced, while moire and false colours are near eliminated through the omission of an optical low-pass filter. Optimised to be used exclusively with FUJINON GF Lenses, this combination results in outstanding image quality with high resolution and immense detail.


The higher the resolution of the image sensor, the greater the need for stability to ensure image clarity and sharpness. Small vibrations can often cause interruptions during the capture process and may even lead to soft and out-of-focus images despite the use of a tripod. GFX 100 addresses these critical issues by providing filmmakers and photographers with built-in 5-axis image stabilisation. A dedicated dual processor works together with gyroscopic accelerometers to achieve sensor stability with speed and precision to provide up to 5.5 stops of image stabilisation, even if the camera is fitted with a non-optically stabilized FUJINON lens. Precise large format capture is now feasible in low-light conditions or when shooting handheld.

  • Finder / Monitor

    The GFX 100 inherits GFX 50S's popular detachable EVF system that can be adjusted to various angles when using the EVF Tilting Adapter (EVF-TL1). The world's highest class resolution 5.76 million dot OLED panel is at the heart of the GFX 100's high definition EVF unit which was designed specifically for the 102MP sensor requiring extreme prescion focusing. The unit also has a magnification of 0.86x and contains five optical glass elements to maximise its focusing accuracy.


  • Colors / Image setting

    The combination of the newly developed image sensor and the fourth generation "X-Processor 4" processor means the camera also supports "16-bit RAW" mode, as requested by many professional photographers. The GFX100 also supports 16-bit TIFF in camera file conversion. The ultra high 100MP+ resolution and rich colour and tonal reproduction found in our FILM SIMULATION modes significantly boost photo data's post-processing tolerance, meeting the diverse needs of professional photographers.


  • Movie recording

    The combination of the new image sensor with high speed readout and the high performance, fourth generation "X-Processor 4" processor gives the GFX 100 the ability to record 4K30P video (10bit 4:2:2 externally and 10bit 4:2:0 internally). This is a world's first for large format, consumer, mirrorless digital cameras carrying a sensor bigger than the 35mm format.


  • Focusing / Continuous shooting

    Compared to traditional large format digital systems, the GFX 100 raises the bar in auto-focus performance by utilising AF phase detection pixels across most of the sensor to help photographers obtain focus wherever they choose to position their subjects in the frame. The algorithm makes full use of 3.76 million phase detection pixels, placed across the entire sensor to set a new standard in AF speed and precision for large format cameras. Auto-focus performance with speed and accuracy is now a complete reality for photographers needing optimum performance in subject tracking, face/eye detection and low-contrast environments.


  • Various functions

    The GFX 100 can accommodate two NP-T125 batteries, increasing the number of frames per charge to approximately 800 when the rear LCD is used. The camera can also be powered and charged through the USB-C connection. Connecting an external battery that supports USB Power Delivery enables even longer continuous video capture and simultaneous charging of the any batteries inside the camera.


  • Accessories / Workflow

    Similarly to previous GFX models, the GFX 100 is compatible with "Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®" and "Capture One Pro FUJIFILM" for RAW processing and tethered shooting, accommodating the workflow of any professional photographer.



*1 Diagonal length of the 43.8mm x 32.9mm sensor is approx. 55mm. *2 Pitch/yaw shake only. With GF63mmF2.8 R WR lens mounted.